A magnetic project planner

This is the prototype 1200 by 2400mm (4 by 8 foot) in four hinged pieces, magnetic paint (lots of iron oxide in it – bought from Resene’s) under the blackboard black acrylic paint so I can place blackboard-surfaced magnetic sheets on, write on them elements of the book (or any project) and move them around. The centre’s for the purple zone – the emerging book plan – mindmap style; and the left-hand side for blue phase – all facts and observations; the top strip for new ideas and logical consequences; and the right side for to-do notes on what to put in the purple zone. Colours to be indicated by colour of the dividing lines (not yet painted on). Under the appletree in the heat as the black paint dries… More soon, on the construction and my use of it for the book project I am starting.


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