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A free desktop flow rainbow graphic

This is the one I’ve put on my desktop – easy to do in Windows XP, which I have, hopefully even easier with Windows 7. Just download to your computer and then load it as the desktop image: go  Start, Control Panel, then Display, then Desktop, then Browse, then click on the jpeg file named rainbow for desktop, and it should appear as your new desktop image, behind your folders. Then order the folders by whether they are mainly ‘inputy’ stuff like internet, photos, search, etc; or new idea type stuff (green), or planning and working out stuff (yellow) or Action stuff, output stuff (red).

You might need to take out some of the subfolders so as to reorder them but this can be worth doing to get more flow in your desktop. Also of course, the purple zone for status quo, totally routine everyday use programs and files.

And the blue outside the rainbow: random files, intrusions as yet undealt with…

You can change the wording at the top in photoshop or similar – sorry that’s what I put on mine… This is a quick prototype of the virtual rainbow. Later to be a whole desktop app – I hope and dream… 🙂


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