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Magnetic flow rainbow planner – THIS one!

Well it serves me right for not doing more evolving of it in my head or on paper!  The devil, they say, is in the details. I’ve also heard that God is in the details. Both sound right. The  aesthetic details versus the practical details – trying to make a thing devilishly practical and divinely beautiful…

So, in that spirit I’ve repainted the story planner to give more graceful rainbow-like curves and more space for the Plan part, and a bit less for the brainstorming parts. I think it’s an improvement..?. The 6 purple curves can be used to arrange the ‘story arcs’ into ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ streams – or just different ones, or different locations in the storyline. And of course I could have coloured these arcs with the 4 phases too – blue to green to yellow to red – but I was already skirting close to visual overload for a planning space, so I didn’t. Perhaps a faint rainbow… But no… now I need to test the functionality of the planner and actually plan the book or drive myself and Raewyn crazy… Yes, Mk I is ready for testing…. I guess…

A stronger light overhead is good. A glare effect in the photo but good in real life. Done by me with time delay and tripod – Raewyn’s at late shift tonight…

magnetic flow rainbow planner 17 2 16

Oh and I bought a bit of magnetic sheet signwriters use for magnetic removable vehicle signs. Strong and bigger sheet so it’s easier to stick on some blackboard vinyl sheet then cut it up into smaller pieces…

Also I find white ‘gel’ pen (waterbased) is good for erasable writing on the blackboard vinyl – this means I can write much more detail on the magnetic labels.

Finally, I’ve updated the phasetimer clock face:

phasetimer 17 2 16


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Magnetic flow rainbow planner

This is better – now with more colour and a glow of colours around the central purple zone.. which I’ll make brighter too, when I get some purple acrylic – it’s hard to mix a bright purple from red and blue.  In use the purple zone space will have a phase/time/chapter flow from bottom left to top to bottom right, and the centre where I’ve put a heart is for the central, is for depiction of the ‘core’ values/themes of the book/project. Note doglet mascot:) Photo courtesy of Raewyn who was called away from apple stewing and other important tasks…



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A magnetic project planner

This is the prototype 1200 by 2400mm (4 by 8 foot) in four hinged pieces, magnetic paint (lots of iron oxide in it – bought from Resene’s) under the blackboard black acrylic paint so I can place blackboard-surfaced magnetic sheets on, write on them elements of the book (or any project) and move them around. The centre’s for the purple zone – the emerging book plan – mindmap style; and the left-hand side for blue phase – all facts and observations; the top strip for new ideas and logical consequences; and the right side for to-do notes on what to put in the purple zone. Colours to be indicated by colour of the dividing lines (not yet painted on). Under the appletree in the heat as the black paint dries… More soon, on the construction and my use of it for the book project I am starting.


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